Password Problems

If you have changed your password and then cannot access the website the problem almost certainly that your browser is using the wrong password.

The browser stores your passwords and when you login to a website it sometimes uses the old password and not the one you have given it. The solution is quite simple and easy.

Most browsers are now standardized and in the top right hand corner there should be a small icon with either 3 horizontal bars or 3 dots. Something like this    or this     or this   . This icon usually means a context menu item so LEFT CLICK on the icon and in the menu that appears look for PASSWORDS and click on it.

If you do not find PASSWORDS then click on SETTINGS or OPTIONS (which ever appears) and click on that and look down the list for PASSWORDS or similiar and click on it.

On the one side (usually the left) there will be a list of website names (the first few may be numbers like this 345.070.209.003). Scroll down until you find and your login email.

On the right there should be your login details and the the password as line of bold dots. Next to the dots there is an icon of an eye or similar. Click on that to see what the password the browser is actually using. You could well find several passwords associated with the saintjames website.

These passwords are the one/ones the BROWSER is using to open the website AND NOT the passwords the website is expecting. Delete all the passwords associated with the saintjames website and login again or reset your password.

If you still cannot login Send Mail to me and I will try and help.